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Being charged with a crime can be an intimidating and frightening prospect.  In addition to the possibility of a jail or prison sentence, a criminal charge typically can carry the possibility of a fine, court ordered counseling, or public service.  The Law Office of David Giesinger has over 15 years experience fighting for the rights of clients who have been accused of a crime.  Whether you have been charged with a crime or believe you are being investigated, it is important that you have legal representation at every step of the process.



Being charged with the crime of domestic battery involves a battery to a family or household member.  Domestic battery cases can be very emotional.  As an attorney who has had experience representing many clients charged with domestic battery I have been able to provide quality experienced representation and achieve successful results.


The legalization of marijuana in Illinois has created many questions for the legal system that have yet to be answered.  Whether it's a question regarding the smell of cannabis at a traffic stop, expungement of a prior cannabis charge, or possession of a controlled substance such as a heroin or fentanyl, call an attorney who has the experience to successfully represent clients in all manner of drug charges.

Speaking with the Judge


A misdemeanor in Illinois is punishable by up to 1 year in jail.  A felony is any crime that can be punished by 1 year or more in the department of corrections.  Being charged with a felony is a serious matter and legal representation is essential.  The Law Office of David Giesinger has represented numerous clients charged with a felony.  I will treat your felony case with expertise and dedication needed to achieve a successful result.

Criminal Defense: Practice Areas
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